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Beating the Stress

With a year of COVID behind us, a lot of us are still feeling the stress. Triggers for stress include unstable life and work situations, social isolation, anxiety about health and financial issues, and not seeing a clear end in sight. Here are some simple habits to gaining advantage of the weight placed on you at this time---

  1. Move - walk, exercise, do something other than sitting in one place all day.

  2. Breathe - meditative breathing is very relaxing. Deep breath in and slow breath out.

  3. Journal - write down your thoughts to help you focus. Make a list of your blessings each day.

  4. Laugh - watch funny shows, call a funny friend. Put some joy in your life.

  5. Listen to music - put on a headset and listen to music. Close your eyes. Focus on the music to avoid bad thoughts.


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