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A good business plan is a must; however, sometimes things do not go as planned. We live in often turbulent economic times. Economic downturns and market fluctuations drastically impact business revenue and operations. Businesses suffering financial pressure sometimes require assistance with modification of their financial and business operations. This may involve negotiation with lenders, vendors, and employees to achieve suitable results that ease financial harm and improve business. We handle business and financial restructuring, including guiding clients, if necessary, through bankruptcy. Our focus in on small to mid-sized businesses.

  • Representation of creditors in Chapter 7 and 11 debtor cases

  • Small business bankruptcy cases

  • Defense of fraudulent and preferential transfer actions

  • Proofs of Claim and defense of objection to claims

  • Financial workouts and restructures

  • Secured lender actions to protect collateral and for relief from the automatic stay

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